OME development platform: devspace

Devspace is a Continuous Integration tool managed by Jenkins CI providing an automation framework that runs repeated jobs. The default deployment initializes a Jenkins CI master with a predefined set of jobs. More information can be found in the source code page.

If you find a bug or if you want an additional feature to be implemented, please open an issue.

Running and maintaining Devspace requires:

Optionally a brief understanding of Ansible, Ansible inventory, and Ansible playbooks.



Install following prerequisites:

Checkout git repository and run

$ docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up --build


This is an example of how to provision and deploy Devspace using ansible on openstack. Check out management tools and run:

$ source tenancy.rc
$ cd infrastructure/ansible
$ ansible-playbook os-devspace.yml -e vm_name=devspace-test -e vm_key_name=your_key
$ ansible-playbook -l devspace-test -u centos devspace.yml

To deploy devspace from custom branch, first set up vars:

omero_branch: develop
snoopy_dir_path: "/path/to/snoopy"

git_repo: ""
version: "your_branch"